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Hospitality Tip Tuesday: We're Back!

Well, I took a bit of a break from the blog due to the Global Pandemic and decided July was time to start back up again. We've had a handful of guests over the past month with a long term one that came in April for a new job & just left last week. Airbnb provided some good guidelines for cleaning and hosting while still trying to be cautious with Covid-19 is still out there. Many of the procedures that they suggested, I already was doing in my cleaning routine. I have added several of their suggestions. One of the main ones is putting on some disposable glove and disinfecting all the door handles, light switches, handles in kitchen & bath, remote controls and other touchable areas in our apartments. It's an easy and necessary addition to our cleaning routine to make our guests more comfortable to stay with us. I'll be sharing more of our new procedures every week.

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