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Hospitality Tip Tuesday

Battery powered candles will bring a safe & great touch to your decor of your short term rental. A few weeks ago I talked about the battery powered candles we had in the bathroom of one of our units. I really wanted some more so, both units had them for some mood lighting & for power outages. And I found some at Target the other day! They were in the sale area and perfect for what I wanted for the apartments. The amazing part is they feel like real candles and have a very light vanilla smell to them. I can't wait to find places for all of them in both apartments. I just need to visit the thrift shops and look for some more candle holders to put them in. I was also thinking I'll probably make some very small signs to put near them explaining that they are battery powered candles so, our guests aren't confused and try to light them. For a homey & safe touch to your short term rentals, battery powered candles are perfect.

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