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Hospitality Tip Tuesday

A workspace is a very important area for your guests that are working while they are traveling. I wrote a post about the desk area back in March of 2019 but it became even more clear to me the importance of this space when I had to use it in our own short term rentals. About a month ago during a heatwave our air conditioning in our own home broke so, my husband and I had to move into our short term rentals. We spent two night in our downstairs unit, Garden Place and then had to move to the upstairs unit, Take Flight when guests who had previously booked Garden Place arrived. We spent ten days in Take Flight and I got to know that work space well. Both spaces are very similar with a good sized desk, comfortable chairs, lights, plug strip and chargers for both Apple products and Androids. In the desk drawers I put some note pads, pens and greeting cards for guests to use if they needed them. I especially liked the view of the park from the upstairs window while I was working. During our stay, I was very pleased with the workspace I created and found it worked well for my needs. I hope that our guests enjoy this space for working as much as I did when they stay with us.

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