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Hospitality Tip Tuesday

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Providing a few laundry extras for your guests will be helpful for guests with extended stays. So the past two weeks provided surprise guests at our rental, ourselves! Our air conditioning broke at our house so, we moved in. (There will be a separate, longer post on this adventure in the future.) We've tried to minimize the amount of stuff we brought with us like clothes, so we've had to do laundry almost every other day. I'm very thankful that I bought a clothes drying rack as I'm used to having a clothes line at home. I've just taken it outside the entrance to the apartment & set it in the sun to dry our clothes quickly. I also use them often when cleaning the apartment for guests for items that take a long time to dry such as the bathmats & table cloths. Equipping your rental with a few extras will be very helpful for you & your guests.

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