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Hospitality Tip Tuesday

Lighting is not only important for your guests but can be welcoming as well. When decorating and equipping our short term rentals, I always was thinking what would make me feel comfortable and at home when staying in a short term rental. One of those things was proper lighting. Lighting not only helps you see but makes you feel safe and welcomed. All our rooms have the typical overhead lighting but adding lamps, night lights and some decorative lighting makes the space more welcoming and fun! I put nightlights in the bedrooms and bathrooms for practical reasons of finding your way around in the middle of the night in a new environment. On the table or area where we have our guest book, welcome sign, mints and key bowls, I put a small light to draw attention to the area when guests first arrive. And then I added some fun mood lighting here and there around the apartments for a homey, decorative feeling to the space. By adding the right lighting around our short term rental, I hope that our guests feeling instantly at home!

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