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Hospitality Tip Tuesday

Helping your guests get to know your town, finding things to do or where to eat is always appreciated. We do have a binder on the kitchen tables of both units with information about the apartment along with information about places to visit or to eat in Dayton. M most of our guests book through Airbnb so, they don't know about our Dayton Hospitality website or the blog I write. As you know my Thursday blog posts cover highlights of fun things to do or places to eat at while visiting Dayton. The other day I thought I need to find a way to let our Airbnb guests know about the blog and my recommendations. I simply printed a note about the blog putting it in a frame to put somewhere easy for our guests to see. I hope by putting out a note about the blog will help our guests find some great places to spend time while staying with us & visiting Dayton.

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