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Hospitality Tip Tuesday

A fresh year & taking down the holiday decor makes it an easy decision to do a deep clean in our rental apartments. After a busy holiday season of hosting guests, it's a good idea to go over the apartments with a critical eye. Glitter from holiday decorations, dust bunnies and cobwebs can be overlooked during the rush of cleaning & preparations of back to back guests. So, like last January this one is slow with bookings but I'm using this time to make sure our guests have an immaculately clean place for when they stay with us. I'll be pulling furniture out from the walls vacuuming up dust bunnies, mopping, cleaning lights of dust & cobwebs, wiping out the refrigerators and making sure the windows are finger print free among some of the cleaning tasks . After the holiday rush and during the low booking time periods of running your short term rentals is a perfect time for a deep clean to make sure your guests have a great experience staying with you.

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