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Hospitality Tip Tuesday

A nice touch to your short term rental is adding live plants. I know that having house plants can be tricky for some people even in their own home because you're afraid you will kill them. I did have to experiment a little with what did well, some lived a few weeks and some several months! The ones you see in the pictures I've had most of them since April so, I consider that a win. The plants in our upstairs unit, Take Flight have done very well in the bright, sunny kitchen. The plant in our living room in Garden Place did have to get moved from the kitchen to it's current spot in the Living Room because it wasn't doing well in the kitchen. Our long term guests have been super helpful watering them and I usually only water them once a week when I stop by to clean or bring in supplies. Adding some live house plants has made both our short term rentals feel very homey and I think our guests have really enjoyed the special touch.

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