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Downtown Destinations: Tender Mercy

After our visit to Sueño a few weeks ago we ventured to the underground bar, Tender Mercy. My husband & I have heard about this place from our daughter but never had a chance to go. When we found ourselves right there and were intrigued by the mystic of going down the subway stairs to this "secret" bar, we had to check it out. As you go down the stairs & go in the entryway you are transported into this dark, mysterious & exotic underground bar. It was a quiet Tuesday evening and there were only a handful of people at the bar that night. The bartenders were very friendly & excited to make us and our friends some mocktails. We very much enjoyed the drinks they made for us as they did not give us a menu, they just asked what our favorite flavors were and surprised us! And we very much enjoyed them! We'd definitely recommend this unique spot to our guests and friends that are looking for a place for a night out on the town.

Tender Mercy is located at 607 E. 3rd Street, Dayton 45402, below Sueño. For more information visit

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