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Downtown Destinations: St.Anne the Tart - Upstairs

St. Anne the Tart is one of my favorite local coffee shops & bakeries and they continue to impress me with their service, baked goods and adaptability. My husband and I went in this morning to grab something warm to drink and something to eat while we worked on going over our ToDo lists for work. It was a first for me to go in and sit in their space upstairs. When you walk in the shop on the ground level they have a map with table card numbers so, you can see what is available without going upstairs. The upstairs is eclectically decorated with big windows letting in the morning sunshine. All the tables were spaced out well to maintain safety standards. I enjoyed a cup of tea with a molasses ginger cookie while my husband had coffee with his sweet potato quiche. Everything was delicious as usual, making you want to go back for more. I'm so glad that St.Anne's has been able to think creatively during this pandemic so, we can continue to enjoy their delicious baked items and joy they bring to the neighborhood.

St. Anne the Tart is located at 1500 East 5th Street. For more information go to

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