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Downtown Destinations: St. Anne the Tart - pickup

Local businesses have had to adapt during this pandemic & it's nice to see places like St. Anne the Tart once again open so, we can enjoy their delicious treats. After closing for a couple short periods during March and April, St. Anne's has come up with adaptations to serve their customers safely. Only 2 guests are allowed in the shop at a time with a mask to pick up drinks and food to maintain social distancing. They have also spaced out tables and chairs outside so, guests can enjoy their refreshments on site. When we were living at our short term rental during our AC repair, I got to pop in several times to grab a tea or iced coffee and get treats for the family. Another great way to support them is to buy one of their tote bags or t-shirts to help advertise for them as you use them in your daily life. St. Anne's has risen up to the challenge and is doing a fantastic job of serving the community with the treats and a positive attitude.

St. Anne the Tart is located at 1500 E 5th Street. For more information go to their website at or follow them on Instagram to get updates on what treats are in the shop that day.

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