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Downtown Destinations: Rikes Holiday Window displays at the Schuster Center

While many of our holiday traditions will not be able to happen this year, the viewing of the Rike's Holiday windows will be able to happen this year with a few modifications. From the beloved Rike's Department store several of the window displays that our parents & grandparents got to enjoy as kids in Dayton were preserved for our enjoyment. They have been displaying them for several years in the lobby of the Schuster Center where we could wander in & enjoy them with our family during the holiday season. Christmas Season 2020 we will still be able to enjoy them for free but anyone that would like to enjoy seeing them will need to make a reservation. Masks & social distancing will have to be required during you time visiting the displays. Santa and the childrens shop,the Tike's Shop will not be available this year. Go to to make your reservation today.

For more information on how & when to schedule your viewing of the windows go to

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