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Downtown Destinations: Old Scratch Pizza Pickup

Old Scratch Pizza is one of my favorite local pizzas and during this pandemic/stay at home time, they have made it easy to still get your pizza! During the closure/stay at home time, Old Scratch perfected their online ordering and pick up. They also have a fantastic app for ordering which I've used many times over the past few months. You can pay online with credit card or with ApplePay. When you order you can select a pickup time or as soon as possible in which they will email you a confirmation of your pickup time. When you arrive at Old Scratch, you pull up to their backdoor near the patio and an employee comes out very quickly to get your name. If it's not ready they will have you park in one of their designated pickup parking spots to wait until they bring it out to you. It's so easy! Old Scratch has now opened their restaurant for guests with socially distanced tables inside and patio seating. But if you're not ready to eat at a restaurant, Old Scratch has mastered the pizza pickup!

Old Scratch Pizza is located at 812 South Patterson. For more information go to their website at

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