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Downtown Destinations: Luna Gifts & Botanicals

Luna Gifts & Botanicals is a great, new shop in Dayton that everyone will find something special to buy for themselves or a loved one. I was at Pilates class the other day, I complemented my instructor on her sweatshirt that had a moon with the Dayton Skyline in it and she told me it was from Luna. So, a couple hours later I found myself pulling up in front of the shop on Wayne Ave. As I walked up I was already taken with their beautiful display window full of plants & hearts ready for the upcoming Valentine holiday. The store is full of amazing plants, unique jewelry, Dayton themed shirts and many more fun gift items. I had so much fun exploring the store. If you are wanting a gift for someone special, make sure you visit Luna today to find something special & unique.

Luna Gifts & Botanicals is located at 261 Wayne Ave. For more information visit

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