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Downtown Destinations: Heart Mercantile

Heart Mercantile shows that it has a heart for Dayton by not only having great items for sale but by giving back to their community. Located in the Oregon District is this beautiful store full of just about everything: t-shirts, books, cards, socks, mugs, and so, so much more. But one theme you see over and over is all the wonderful Dayton themed items! I'm very bummed that I didn't come in when I was decorating the short term rentals because they have so many Dayton themed items that would look so perfect in the apartments. I might have to add a few things. :) You could spend hours looking at everything in the store and see items that would be fun to give for any of your friends or family. I've heard and read much about the group of friends that own Heart Mercantile over the past 9 months. They responded with much love and support of the Dayton Community through the Memorial Day Tornado outbreak, the KKK rally and then the shooting in the Oregon District near their store. They not only raised money selling t-shirts to give to local organizations to provide for the victims of the events, they were also helping with the clean up and organization efforts of the tragedies. Heart Mercantile won my heart over not only with a fantastic store but with their love of Dayton. Show them so love my visiting their store the next time you're downtown.

Heart Mercantile is located at 438 E.Fifth Street. Visit their website for more information

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