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Downtown Destinations: Grist Provisions

Grist is more than a restaurant, bakery or deli , they on the mission to help us serve the best food possible to our family & friends by selling us amazing ingredients. They are making sauces, pastas, breads from local farmer's markets & groceries for us to take home to make meals to serve our people. Grist does have a menu of soups, salads and sandwiches to eat in their space or take home along with some amazing desserts. Our family sampled a few of their desserts and loved their unique & delicious flavors. I also purchased some bolognese sauce that were looking forward to having on pasta for dinner soon. I'm really intrigued and excited by the products that Grist has for me to make new meals to serve my family.

Grist Provisions is located at 46 West 5th Street, 45402. For more information go to

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