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Downtown Destinations: Gem City Catfe part 2

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

If you're a cafe and cat lover, Gem City Catfe is the place to visit! My first visit back in April I just stopped in with a friend to check it out and have an afternoon snack. I did not get to visit the cat room. Well, I've made several visits since then to play with the cats! Membership for a year is $25 and reduces your hour long visit fee from $10 to $5. Mr. Baby, in the green bowtie, and Meowrville Wright, black & white cat in the window picture, are resident cats. All the other cats on site are adoptable. Right now I think they have the sweetest, friendliest group of cats I've had the opportunity to play with in all my visits! All of the adoptable cats are provided by Gem City Kitties. If you need a cat fix, go today to visit & play with these sweet furry babies at the Gem City Catfe!

The Gem City Catfe is located at 1513 East 5th Street. For more information visit

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