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Downtown Destinations: Dorothy Lane Market

Dorothy Lane Market is a beloved local grocery store just south of downtown in Oakwood. DLM began as a fruit stand in 1948 by Frank Sakada and Calvin Mayne selling fruit & vegetables at the corner of Far Hills Ave & Dorothy Lane. It's current location is not far from where that stand was in 1948. They are well known for their specialty items, deli, meat department and bakery. The bakery at DLM is the home of the world famous Killer Brownie! Try the original or one of the many other flavors of these brownies. They also have a amazing sushi, wine & cheese selections. Boston Stoker Coffee has a coffee bar right inside the parking lot entrance for customers wanting to pop in for coffee to go. When I was there yesterday, they had a display ready for St. Patrick's day with take home meals of corned beef & cabbage, Irish soda bread and desserts. Downtown doesn't have many great grocery shopping options so, it is well worth the drive or bus ride south to pick up some great grocery items at Dorothy Lane Market.

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