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Downtown Destinations: Cafe' 1610

Vegan food is not my typical go-to favorite food but Cafe' 1610 is now on my list as a Dayton favorite must visits. My husband mentioned this place to me and then our daughter said she wanted to try it so, we went for lunch today. We all got something different, I got the Breakfast Tacos, my husband got the Cactus Tofu Scramble and my daughter got the Bio'nico Fruit Salad. Everything was delicious! All food is packed to go but they do have tables inside to eat at so, we ate there. I'm pretty sure the menu changes weekly so, I definitely have to go back and see what else they have to offer. They said they are working on some gluten free baked goods which I'll be looking forward to trying. Don't let the word vegan turn you away because everything was so fresh & flavorful - an absolute delight!

Cafe' 1610 is located at 521 Wayne Ave in the former Glasz Bleu Oven. For more information check out their page on Facebook.

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