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Downtown Destinations: Bikeways in Dayton

A fun way to explore the city of Dayton is the many bike paths & trails! While we were staying at our short term rental during our air conditioning outage, we spent a couple mornings exploring the paths & trails around the city. We are very lucky to have these well designed and thought out ways to get around the city. While traveling around on our bikes we got to enjoy the city scenes and the nature along the rivers that cut through the city. Some of the stairs along the bike path have a built in groove along the stairs to allow you to easily push your bike up to get to another area. There are also a few areas that are closed due to bridge construction but are well marked with detours. As the weather cools down, it's the perfect time to explore Dayton on the many paths & trails around the city.

For more information & maps of the bike paths & trails go to

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