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Downtown Destinations: Amber Rose Restaurant

The Amber Rose Restaurant is a step back in time with not only their beautiful building but their delicious food. The original building was built in 1910 and has witnessed the Great Flood, a fire in 1989 and was recently damaged by the Memorial Day tornadoes last year. Make sure you check out the beautiful stained glass windows that survived the tornadoes last year! It was originally opened as a general store and deli to the people of Old North Dayton until the 1980's. After being bought by a new owner & rebuilt after the 1989 fire, it opened as Amber Rose Restaurant in 1990. The menu is inspired by the Eastern European immigrants that came to this neighborhood from Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Russia and Italy. Some of my favorites to order are their potato pancakes, schnitzel, stroganoffs and pot roasts. The beautiful bar with imported Turkish marble is a place to find some unique European beverages. The Amber Rose has two nice sized banquet rooms upstairs. My husband's company had a Christmas party for our employees there a few years ago. The food was delicious and we had a great party. Enjoy a amazing traditional European meal and experience the history of the Amber Rose with your family or friends for a night out soon.

The Amber Rose is located at 1400 Valley Street, 45404. For more information go to

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