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Take Flight: Living Room

Take Flight has a nice open Living Room for our guests to relax and feel comfortable in during their stay. When we remodeled this unit this area was a bedroom that made this unit feel very closed off so, we took out some walls to make it more open. We took out a hallway (which opened up the kitchen) that led to the attic stairs, a small wall that was by the attic stairs & the living room area and a hallway (wall to the living room area) that led to the current bedroom. We were amazed by how much space that we gained and were thrilled by how well the area felt. The sofa and two chairs give this room plenty of seating plus the coffee table can be seating as well. Our guests will find on the bookshelves books, games and dvds to enjoy plus a smart tv and blueray player. We hope our guests will be as happy as we are with how the Living Room turned out.

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