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Special Occasions

At Dayton Hospitality we'd love to help you celebrate your special occasions when you're staying with us, so please let us know! A couple weeks ago we had a family stay with us and the wife mentioned that they were celebrating her husband's birthday while they were staying with us when she booked. I purchased a Happy Birthday banner & hung it in the kitchen for their arrival. We had a couple stay with us last fall celebrating their engagement and their friends made arrangements to have some flowers, wine & treats in the apartment waiting for their arrival. And we love to celebrate our UD students & families. I have a friend who has a bake shop business in town and she has made UD cupcakes & cookies for me. I've put them out for student drop off in the fall, parent weekends & graduation along with balloons. So, when you book please share if you're in town for a celebration, we'd love to make it extra special.

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