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Special Feature: Connecting Door

Our short term rentals have the unique feature of being able to make two units into one unit. When the house was built in 1895 the house was originally a duplex, each with 3 bedrooms. At some point a previous owner turned one of the duplexes into 2 one bedroom apartments. They left the door from Garden Place's family room into what is now the entryway and stairwell for Take Flight intact. When we renovated this side of the duplex we debated if we should remove the door. We decided to keep it there to allow a family or group to rent both units and move freely between them. The door has a keyed deadbolt on both sides to ensure privacy for both units when they are rented by different parties. We are very glad we left this door in for ourselves as it helps immensely when we clean both units at the same time or we need to move items between the units. In a situation where just one apartment is being rented the connecting door can be opened to allow access to the other unit in case there is a mechanical or plumbing failure. Since each unit has separate HVAC, hot water heating, laundry and kitchen appliances we can allow guests access to the other unit if we were to experience an issue. Having options is a good thing and having a connecting door certainly provides lots of options!

Door in Garden Place Living Room opens into the entry hall of Take Flight to take you upstairs to Take Flight's space.

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