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Hospitality Tuesday

A dresser & a closet for your guests will allow them to unpack & feel like they are at home. I know one of the first things some travelers do is unpack and settle into their living space. Even if you don't have a whole dresser or closet for them a drawer or two and a hook for hanging clothes certainly will make do. I know I like to unpack to see what I've got to wear or even what I might have forgot! In one of our guest rooms we didn't have a closet or room for a dresser so, we found a handy open closet piece of furniture at Target. The shelves were also handy for folded clothes items. I added a basket for socks & underwear and the tray for smaller items like jewelry or wallet & keys. The open closet also is nice for when the guests are packing to leave because they can glance at it quickly to see if they left anything. Giving your guests a spot to empty their suitcase is a easy way to make them feel like they have their own space and welcomed to your home.

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