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Hospitality Tip Tuesday

A fully equipped kitchen is ideal for guests that stay in your short term rental. Most of our guests are weekend guests who might use the coffee pot and a few plates & bowls. But we've had several long term guests that have stayed a couple weeks or a month. These guests expect and would like a fully equipped kitchen. The basics of stove, refrigerator and dishwasher was easy. Then adding coffee pot, toaster and a few other small appliances. The hard part to come up with is a the little stuff! I found many lists on the internet of what is expected for a short term rental and that helped immensely in the purchasing & setting up of the kitchen. I did get a few items like the dishes for one of the units at a garage sale but most was new. I shopped the sale aisles, IKEA, Target, Walmart for most of the other items. We've gotten feedback from the guests that our kitchens had everything they needed and I'm glad we were able to think of everything. Consult lists on the internet and ask friends to go through your kitchen of your short term rental to make sure you're prepared for guests who would like to cook!

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