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Hospitality Tip Tuesday

Make sure your guests are prepared for an emergency by providing important information for them in a visible spot. In order to help our guests in a medical or household problem, I posted the following information on our refrigerator that has been lamented.

As you can see I gave them the local police, fire and emergency room phone numbers along with the address of the hospital emergency room. I also reminded them of the fire extinguisher under the sink along with the medical kit in the bathroom. One of the most important pieces of information I put on the sheet was our exact address (I blacked it out for the internet & privacy of our place). Also, I put our cell phone numbers on there for household emergencies. This is information that I hope our guests never have to use but I want them to get quick and accurate help if it is needed. Making an emergency information sheet posted in an easy to be seen spot is an easy and helpful thing to do for your guests.

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