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Hospitality Tip Tuesday

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Acting on guests feedback can provide a better stay for future guests. One of the first guests to stay in our Garden Place unit was a little confused on what was behind the closed doors in the unit. We like to keep the door to the basement laundry area closed when not in use due to safety concerns associated with an open stairway. We typically keep the door to the bathroom closed to help with traffic flow in the hallway. To make it easier for our guests find the bathroom & laundry without opening the doors we found these nice metal plates that also added to the decor. Adding a sliding lock to the basement laundry room door provides extra protection against an accidental fall down the stairs. If you are using a platform like AirBnB and a guest makes a suggestion or points out a problem, take advantage of the option to leave a reply under your guest's review to let everyone know what action you took to address their comments. This will help show that you are responsive and allay any concern prospective guests may have that there are outstanding issues with the property.

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