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Hospitality Tip Tuesday

Make checkout easy for your guests by leaving instructions where they can see them. Before our guests arrive I typically leave out a welcome letter that has the check out instructions on the bottom of the paper along with some fruit & snacks. The checkout list is not too much for the guest to do but it helps us to see what needs cleaned & washed and helps us get started with the cleaning process. Sometimes we have guests book at the last minute when we don't have time to get to the rental to set out snacks & the welcome letter. So, I put the checkout list in a plastic stand up frame I purchased from IKEA and leave it on the kitchen table when we don't have scheduled guests after I've cleaned. If I've been able to get there before the guests, I just put it on the kitchen counter as an extra reminder. Letting your guests know what the expectations for checkout is beneficial to both the guest & owner.

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