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Hospitality Tip Tuesday

A must for every short term rental is having an iron & ironing board for your guests to use during their visit. In the nine months that we've been hosting guests we've had many guests here for weddings, holidays and on business trips. All of these occasions are times when people are wearing clothes that most likely need pressed and looking their best. In Garden Place, our first floor unit the iron & ironing board is located in our basement laundry room. They are already set out and ready to be used. In our 2nd floor guest unit, Take Flight the ironing equipment is found in the bedroom closet. There is plenty of room at the foot of the bed with a plug nearby for them to be used. Every short term rental should have an iron and ironing board on hand for their guests to use for special event clothing or just getting the wrinkles out of clothing that got crumpled packed in luggage.

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