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Hospitality Tip Tuesday

Here's a simple hospitality tip for guests & family by providing some toiletry items for their use! I just bought a simple lidded glass jar at Target to put these items in. I filled it with the shampoos, conditioners & other small items you pick up from hotels. I also added some small trial sized lotions & body washes that I've been given and didn't use because it wasn't a scent I liked. Then I threw in some of the toothbrushes, small toothpastes & dental floss we've gotten from the dentist. Finally, I picked up some razors, travel sized shaving creams and mouth washes. So, if our guest forgot something, we've got something to get them through the night until they can get to the store the next day. Or if you had this in your home, it could help you in the same way!

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