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Highlights of Dayton Hospitality: Living Rooms

Creating a warm and cozy Living Room area for our guests was very important part of setting up our short term rental. Seating, entertainment and lighting were the most important features to start with in setting up a space for relaxing. Both spaces can seat four people comfortably between the couch or chairs. There are multiple pillows on the couches that are both decorative but helpful for back support. We've got smart tvs, dvr and a Roku that guests can watch some of the dvds we have in the apartment or pull up their own Netflix or entertainment service on. On the shelfs in the apartments our guests will find many books and board & card games for them to enjoy. Both apartments also have multiple lamps along with overhead lighting for our guests to be able to read, play games or watch tv comfortably. After taking care of these items came the personal touches of adding art, plants & decor to the themes of our apartments. I tried not to over decorate so, that there are spots for guests to be able to set down a glass, book their reading or other items as they are staying in the apartments. We hope our guests will feel at home & comfortable in these living spaces during their stay.

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