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Highlights of Dayton Hospitality

Today I'm starting a new feature of highlighting what makes our short term rentals special for our guests. Our house with the apartments is lucky to be across the street from the park. Daily you see the community walking their dogs, riding bikes or walking through to the store. Sometimes you will see people playing ball, having a picnic or reading a book on a park bench. It's also been fun to see some special occasions in the gazebo such as parties, concerts, family pictures or weddings. Before Christmas some of the neighbors will decorate the gazebo with lights and a Christmas tree which gives the park a festive holiday feeling. I know that our guests in Garden Place have enjoyed sitting on the front porch with a cup of coffee enjoying watching the neighborhood enjoy this pretty park area. We're very thankful to have a place across from the park so our guests can enjoy the nice scenery of nature and enjoy it as well.

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