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  • Ashley Webb

FY 2020 Per Diem Rates for WPAFB

Updated: Sep 28, 2019 has rate information for 2020 Per Diem amounts for travelers who are visiting Wright Patterson Air Force Base and the Dayton area. Dayton Hospitality weeknight rates are at the local Per Diem rate. Weekend rates (Friday and Saturday) are slightly higher than the Per Diem rates for lodging, but if you stay for 7 days or more the rates are discounted to match the local Per Diem.  That means staying with Dayton Hospitality while on TDY will not cost you anything out of pocket for your lodging expense!

The lodging per-diem rate of $106.00 is intended to cover the costs of one night's lodging at a hotel in the Dayton area. We welcome our military and government guests to come stay with us and enjoy a spacious apartment instead of a cramped hotel room during their work at Wright Patterson Air Force Base or in the Dayton area - at no additional cost!

The meals & incidentals rate (M&IE rate) of $56.00 is intended to cover the costs of a single days' worth of meals and incidental costs (such as tips and parking) based on the average cost for these expenses in the Dayton area. If you spend less than the $56.00 per diem, you can generally keep the remainder. That means if you take advantage of our fully equipped kitchens and dine in you can take a few extra dollars home with you after your visit!

When I was mobilized in 2002-2003 I spent several months at Fort Bragg before deploying to Iraq. Luckily, I was able to find a furnished apartment to stay in while I was there. I worked with many other mobilized Reservists and Guardsmen who had to spend months in a hotel living out of a suitcase without a kitchen or laundry facilities. I remember how nice it was to be able to relax in my apartment when I was off duty, and how convenient it was to be able to spread out when my family came to visit. We hope to provide the same kind of comfort and convenience when our military guests stay with us in our Dayton Hospitality furnished apartments.

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