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Extra Amenities

Over the past few years of hosting guests, I've added some extra amenities to help our guests enjoy their stay. Some of these items we've found when we've traveled and stayed at other short term rentals. And some of these were things that we wished that we could have had during our stay. One of things we added were some snacks & drinks along with coffee & creamer. One time when traveling in Austria, we arrived at our short term rental late and not realizing it was a national holiday so, no stores were open & we were starved. The short term rental didn't have any food or bottled water. My husband is the one that suggested we always have a frozen pizza available for our guests. If I had to guess about half our guests eat the pizza during their stay! I also saw the idea of the jar of toiletries in the bathroom and thought it was a fantastic idea. It has just about everything in it; shampoo, toothpaste, floss, deodorant, shaving items, sunscreen & more. My husband also had the idea to have a power strip along with power cords for phones & electronic devices available on the desk. Several guests have told us they appreciated having them for their business travel. In the Living Room our guests will find lots of movies and some games to enjoy during their stay. We hope these small extra touches will make our guests feel at home and help them enjoy their stay with us.

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