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Downtown Destinations: Partial to Pie Bakery

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

If you love pie, then check out Partial to Pie Bakery! This cute bakery opened in the south Dayton area a little over a year ago and has done very well. They have many pie choices along with quiches, brownies & baklava as well as coffee & tea. One of my favorites to get are their adorable pie pockets! This pastry is shaped like a shirt pocket filled with fruit, sprinkled with sugar and the perfect size for an afternoon treat! They have a very open & welcoming dining area filled with an old fashioned collection of tables & chairs to enjoy your snack or meal. Be sure to go early as they do sell out some days! Make sure you check out Partial to Pie Bakery for lunch or an afternoon treat!

Partial to Pie is located at 200 Shroyer Road, Dayton 45419. For more information go to

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