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Dayton Destinations: Aullwood Garden Metropark

A perfect spring destination to enjoy a hike in Dayton is Aullwood Garden MetroPark. This is my absolute favorite of our metroparks and I visit it many times in the spring as the flowers pop up with the highlight being the blooming of the Virginia Bluebells. Aullwood was the country home of John & Marie Aull, who worked for years to curate the land surrounding their home with many native plants. Their home was built in the 1920's Arts & Crafts style and is occasionally open for tours. Marie donated her house and gardens in 1977 to the Five River MetroParks with the provision that she got to live in the house until her death. Marie got to see the public enjoy her gardens from her home until her death in 2002 at 105 years old. There is a easy trail through the woods and along the creek to enjoy the wild flowers with a path around the house to enjoy the gardens. Dayton should be grateful for the preservation of of this area that we can enjoy it through her beautiful gardens and woodland property.

Aullwood Garden MetroPark is located at 955 Aullwood Road, 45414. For more information go to

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