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Cleaning Tip Thursday

Keeping the use of bathroom towels under control can be helped out by having lots of hooks and a visible laundry basket in your bathroom. Many hooks in the bathroom will make your guests happy as they will have somewhere to hang a bathrobe, clothes or a towel up. The hooks will be beneficial to you because they will have somewhere to hang a damp towel up to get them to use it again making less laundry! We make sure that we provide 2 towels per guest but it is nice when fewer towels are used for a quicker cleanup & less laundry. When the towels are dirty is very convenient for your guests to have somewhere to put it rather than it be thrown on the floor or left on the bed. It also takes the guess work of finding all the dirty laundry. Hooks and a laundry basket out in the open will help with keeping your laundry under control for you & your guests.

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