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Hospitality Tip Tuesday

With the first measurable snow and Thanksgiving just two weeks away, it's time to plan for Christmas decorating at our short term rental! With holiday bookings starting to come in, I decided to go through my Christmas decorations to see what I had to work with. We want our guests to feel at home even more so during the holiday season and Christmas decorations will do just that! Last year I decorated both apartments with some holiday items that were given to us, we had & weren't using and a few new things I bought for our place. I was pretty pleased with how it looked for our first holiday season but there were some things that I needed replace. Last year I had cheap glittery tree skirts that made a horrible mess so, I went by the dollar store today and found some reasonable replacements. When I pulled the items out I saw some things that needed fixed or some items that just were a little too much fuss that needed to go to the thrift store. I think that my biggest lessons learned from last year was keep it simple, no glitter and non breakable to make a warm & cheerful Christmas holiday decor for our guests.

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