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Hospitality Tip Tuesday

One way to be a good host is to listen to your guests when they have complaints or suggestions with their accommodations. One of our first guests to Take Flight, our 2nd floor guest unit said that he had trouble finding the door to the apartment. The door to Take Flight is on the side of the house so, we could see his point as the front door you first see when pulling up to the house is to our downstairs unit. So, we talked about some ideas and came up with the idea of putting a flag by the stairs to the door. That way in our instructions to guests we can say, "Look for the flag on the right side of the house by the stairs and that's the door to your place." We really appreciated the guests honesty so, we could help future guests. We had a recent guest say something about not having an alarm clock so, I guess I'll be looking at getting one of those soon! Check with your guests and ask them for feedback on your guest room or rental unit. Your guests may have some good ideas for ways to improve yours so, future guests can be more comfortable.

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