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Hospitality Tip Tuesday

Adding a mirror above a desk makes a nice space for an additional place for someone to get ready for the day! So, last week I highlighted that we made sure that we had a workspace in both our short term rentals but I didn't mention how this space has another purpose. From our travels at staying in other short term rentals, I always appreciated if there was a mirror also in the bedroom. That way I could fix my hair or makeup while someone was in the bathroom helping us get out to our activity for the day quickly. Putting a mirror above the desk was a easy way for us to give our guests a spot to comb their hair or put on some lipstick. The mirror is also a nice way to add some light into the room by letting the light from the window bounce around the room. A mirror in your guest room or short term rental is another helpful addition to make your guests feel like they have everything they need.

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